Piercing the Spellstorm

Session 2 and 3 - Aiden

As the days here progressed up to the tournament, a few notable things have happened. First of which is that my team has settled on a general plan for our fights, and I managed to get Malevir to tell, not show, Huke what her spell was. Secondly, we managed to start up relations with another team, number 402. I do not personally have any connections with them, however it seems Huke has found a fellow Paladin of Iomadae in one of them, but at the cost of one rather… ever-drunk 'Bard'.
As the tournament comes, however, it seems we were matched against them. Team 707, us, versus team 402, them. I wish them luck.


It was a hard-fought battle, but we- Team 707- emerged the victors in the battle against our friends of team 402. In hindsight, however, we still have a ways to go with our teamwork and communication. Let us hope that does not bring us an untimely demise. It seems that Father managed to get one last letter to me, as well as a gift for the journey- A finely crafted sword, decorated with the name and crest of the family. It was a great piece of work, not only in design, as the weight was much more balanced, the blade much sharper, than the old one I had used earlier. It shall serve me well.

Despite losing against us, Team 402 still agreed to pair with us in braving the Spellstorm. It is a relief to know there are no hard feelings. With that settled, and no major happenings at the ball, it was time fo us to set off. I will not see these lands again for a year, I wonder how they may look when we return. Will it all look the same, or will it feel like we've returned to a new world after a year in a completely different one?

It is time for us to explore what no one we know has seen before, and I cannot wait to see what lies ahead. May we all find what we are searching for.


Melloace ValiantVII

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