Huke Ogen

Holy bowman of Iomedae


Str- 13
Dex- 18
Con- 12
Int- 10
Wis- 10
Cha- 16

HP- 17

Initiative- +4
Fortitude- +8
Reflex- +8
Will- +7

Craft Bows +5
Diplomacy +8
Knowledge Religion +4
Stealth +7

Precise shot
Point blank shot

Holy Tattoo
Light Sleeper



Huke was born to a traditional mercantile halfling family. Growing up in the capital business always thrived for those clever enough to work the system and his parents were certainly clever. Being the third child of a well established family Huke saw most of his mundane needs filled, but he was always wanting for a bit more attention than he received. His parents were always occupied with business and his siblings were all of an age to have their own endeavors take up most of their time. Left to his own devices Huke took up exploring the city to entertain himself.

While not as clever as the rest of his family Huke made up for this with being much nimbler and a bit more affable than them. He’d dash about sometimes scrambling up buildings and leaping from nearby rooftops. Much of his younger years were spent like this. He’d make a few friends, but things were always chaotic in the city streets so while easily made those same friends were also easily lost. Among most of the other kids he met most of them didn’t leave much of an impression on Huke with the exception of Lydia.

Lydia was a half orc girl a good few years older than Huke who did odd jobs for his parents. She came to them looking for work one day and noting her impressive build they hired her on to help them move much of their inventory throughout the city. During many of her trips Huke would tag along. He was interested in her experiences once he’d learned that she had spent some time traveling more extensively through the land and she seemed happy enough to have some kind of company while she carried good from one place to another. Once he was old enough to be of some help Huke began helping a bit minimal as it was.

With these many days of work Lydia and Huke grew closer until a bond formed between them. She even further educated him on the ways of Iomedae. Being a powerful goddess his family was mindful of her worship, but being a goddess of justice and battle they mostly had little dealings with her. Lydia though confessed that she’d been a bit of a mercenary before she came to the capital. More of a brigand really, but after a close encounter she decided to take her chance with redemption. Sarenrae appealed to her greatly, but in the end her warrior’s way wasn’t so easily given up so she threw herself onto the mercy of Iomedae. It seemed the way she saw it that decision had gotten her this far so it seemed to be the right one. Her luck wouldn’t hold out in the end though.

Huke was bringing Lydia a lunch in the hopes of hearing more stories one day. Upon arriving at the warehouse she was working in he found her slumped down and bloodied on the floor. Rushing to her he was overjoyed to see her chest rise and fall with rhythmic breathing. The joy was then tempered with seeing her current state. Battered all over it seemed that a group had beaten her bloody. Not knowing what else to do he stayed there and patched her up to the best of his ability while trying to keep down the searing rage he felt welling up inside of him.

When Lydia awoke her very first reaction was a smile upon seeing Huke’s face. Despite her reluctance Huke managed to convince her to tell him what had happened. She relayed that a group of angry men and women had accosted her likely due to her heritage. There had been an increase in Orc raids out in the country lately so it was likely that they had family that was affected in one way or another. Lydia looked like she was used to such treatment, but Huke couldn’t stand it. Not knowing what else to do after helping Lydia home he ran full speed to the largest temple of Iomedae in the city in the hopes of receiving some kind of guidance.

Charging in the way he did made a bit of a scene, but luckily there was a priest there more than willing to hear him out. After listening to what Huke had to say and offering what guidance he could Huke was sent away with a clearer mind though still distressed. He felt like he had a better idea of how he felt so at the least that part of him felt more settled.

Lydia recovered without lasting injury and the incident was forgotten for the most part except to Huke. He continued to visit the temple when he wasn’t busy or spending time with Lydia and became more and more involved in the faith and worship of Iomedae. So much so that he was now spending hours in prayer and helping the church. He even had a tattoo of Iomedae’s holy symbol engraved onto his left hand. As much as the rest of his family looked with scorn at his new chosen path they allowed him to walk down it unhindered. His half orc friend while supportive did seem to show a bit of trepidation towards it herself.

Being young as he was Huke wanted dearly to serve Iomedae in a heroic way, but his smaller frame and nimble steps did not work in line with her usual martial faithful. He did what he could to train with

Huke Ogen

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