Malevir Firelust

Charming Succubus~


Pitborn Tiefling Sorceress

Str 11
Dex 16
Con 13
Int 12
Wis 11
Chr 19

HP 7 AC13


Malevir Firelust born to Nobles Inorrad and Wysieth Firelust a ruling family in the city of Grassward. An elven city deep in a forest in the north of the main continent. Though Inorrad and Wysieth are human it seems a deal with a devil was struck upon Malevir’s mother side (Wysieth) giving her the tiefling form she was born with. Pitborn charisma and demon strength coursed through her body from a young age… though that was not the only thing that coursed through her. Magical powers raced through her body as the infernal blood of her ancestry awoke rather early in her life and she quickly took to using her powers for her own selfish wants. Using her charming abilities she had anything her heart desired or needed. She enjoyed her life in the large manor among the trees, many people left her alone because of her devilish form though she had made friends with one of the servant elves that worked for her parents, Tara. Tara, an elf about the same age as Malevir, worked as a maid in the manor and often would join Malevir for play and fun while they grew up. Tara spent most days with Malevir painting her portraits, they were very good portraits of her, or looking at the landscapes of land before them. Tara also taught Malevir many things about the world, as well as magic and other fun things like art. Later in life Malevir a grown woman now was set to take the manor for herself as her parents were approaching their death beds. However her parents wished for her to explore the world as she didn’t leave the manor out the fear her parents had for her form. The manor itself was taken by her younger brother Segar while she went out to honor her dying parents wish. She heard that the spellstorm had been pierced and that groups were forming to explore this new frontier land and she began to head that way.

Malevir Firelust

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