History and culture nut with a big sword


Aiden was born a bastard child of a nobleman, but denied any real noble titles. His childhood was financially stable, but he was constantly discriminated and criticized by “true” nobles for his bastardly origin. Denied a formal education, he took to picking up what he could learn from others’ social interactions and tales of legends and history, although he was still taught basic fighting skills. Aiden mostly resembled his father, Tyrian Stormlord, which remains now as the only telltale sign of his somewhat noble lineage. Short and straight light blonde hair, paired with calming ruby eyes that almost exactly mirror the man they came from. Unlike his father, however, was his rather feminine face. While his father has a sharp and strong visage, Aiden instead has softer, more charming facial features. His short height was no surprise, as both his father and mother are not tall either. His mother, Frimelda Avalon, had long, wavy hair that mimicked the color of tanned leather, and eyes to match.

After coming of age, Aiden left the comfort of his noble father’s home to live with his mother. This was not because his father was not welcoming or caring towards him, but rather because he wanted to keep a bond with his mother as strong as his with his father. In the years he lived here, he met with a man who taught him a less finessed, more savage, fighting style as well as a means to use his tales and legends as a source of strength for him. This man was old and grizzled, but had an aura of sagely wisdom. Unlike the type of warrior this man taught him to be, he seemed much more like a monk, he even dressed like one, not much more than ragged brown robes and grey sashes. The only thing more odd about this man who had become his mentor was his name, Nio’h Thu’at (Nye-oh-ha Fu-aht). Soon after his training was deemed complete, Nio’h left, leaving Aiden with only a simple parting gift. A potion, that in his mentor’s words, “embodied the power of his new skills.”

Aiden did not care too much for his nobility, nor for many of the nobles who held only contempt for him, but cares deeply for both his father and mother, taking care to send letters to them often when he could if he was not around them. As he grew up, he started to grow a interest for what lied beyond the Spellstorm, and what civilization and culture may be found, as such rumors and tales were being spread as breakthroughs to travelling through it came along. Then one day came a sort of invitation to go along on a first voyage top the unknown world past the previously impassable barrier. There was no question, Aiden would go, with the hope of seeing new cultures and histories, and possibly be seen as something other than a bastard child.


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