Piercing the Spellstorm

Boat life

We boarded the boat today and it was interesting nice and gentle rocking but it hurt my penmanship oh well looks better this way. ANDDDD the storm hit… bleh so much vomit im glad i wasn't the only one having stomach problems. but once we got past the storm the water it was nice and clear the water got calm and we released from the main ship. A large blue fish appeared this day rather scary but Aiden said its a rather passive creature I made note of it in my journal to tell Tara perhaps she could make a lovely rendition of it. 2 days later we spot 3 ships and the group decided to sail towards them. There are more than 3 ships apparently they are tied together perhaps a floating fortress…taking note again in the journal… it is noticeably hard to write on a moving ship. We have docked at the port strange as it may seem the people are blue skinned yet they speak our language. I told the gentleman that we have some items to possibly trade he brought 4 more men 3 of his skin and 1 that looks like a kitty cat. Well Aiden has told the men that we are from and they will sending us to a place called Lanercoast. Many interesting things learned from these men, more of my people exist here and are at war with god touched people. The continent is called Northerum that is where the war lies.


Melloace viperkusy

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