Piercing the Spellstorm

Day 1 - Aiden's Letter

First Session's Journal

Hello, Father, how have you been? I hope all has been well the past week since I last wrote. You already know that I have agreed to join in on the journey across the Spellstorm in the Transpercer. I have said my farewells to Mother and assured her that all would be well. But now, as I promised, I will relay to you what has happened today.

We first arrived in a large, open room, an auditorium, I believe. There were a few hundred people gathered from many different backgrounds, they even brought in a few convicts… Such a diverse amount to brave the unknown. A man came up to speak, he did not speak very long, nor did he seem to want to speak at all. All that he had said was what we knew already, so I'll spare the details. Then they began to group us, and roughly five minutes had passed until my name was called. They did not call out either of my two surnames, perhaps for the better. I'd rather an issue not come up for me being known as a bastard. 

As for my team, they are quite an interesting bunch. For one, I am the only Human in our group, amongst an elf, two halflings, and even a tiefling! I am aware they are known to not have the greatest intentions, but Malevir seems fairly friendly. I believe her surname is somewhat familiar, would you happen to known the name 'Firelust,' Father? The elf is Ayla, and appears to be an archer with a connection to nature. Her companion is perhaps as interesting as Malevir is, some sort of creature that I'm sure was extinct in this day and age, who she calls Archer. I wonder if that is an attempt at irony? One of the halflings, apparently an ex-sailor, named Merdoc seemed to take a quick liking to it. Funny thing, though, he did not seem too skilled at the activities you would expect sailors to do often. Last is the other halfling, a paladin of Iomedae. His name is Huke, and he seems to be a great man, in heart if not in height.

We were led to a room that we would share as a team, which isn't too large, but spacious enough. We all were given uniforms of our nation's colors, and had some time to introduce ourselves before we were called for our first activity. That activity was an obstacle course, likely to test our group's physical prowess. It did not start too well, Merdoc specifically did not manage well with getting across a tightrope. After we got past that, it was a test of getting straight through archer fire without getting hit. The halflings immediately tried simply sprinting through, but failed miserably. After that, Huke and I grabbed two tower shields and used them as cover as we moved forward with everyone else behind us. Next was getting through a hole suspended 5 feet high in a web. We managed to get most everyone through by having myself boost them up so they could go through without problem. Oddly enough, Ayla had the most trouble. Of course, the only one I could not boost was myself, and I had to get through through by my own, aside from being pulled through after making it halfway through the hole. The last physical test was balancing ourselves over a pit on a long plank held up only by a post halfway through the pit. I held the plank steady and most everyone passed through, then crossed myself while Huke held it from the other side. The only thing after that was a simple puzzle that my party solved in mere seconds.

After it was over, we were summoned to a classroom, where not much of a 'class' took place, but more of a briefing of what would take place in the following days before we are to finally pierce the Spellstorm. A tournament between teams is to take place on the seventh day, and I've a feeling that you will soon be, if you have not already been, notified of. Perhaps you could attend and finally see for yourself what my fighting style has evolved into. On the tenth day we will set out for the unexplored lands, and will not return for a year. I hope for a chance to visit you one last time between the Tournament and then.

After said briefing, we were left to spend the day as we pleased until dinner. We began by introducing ourselves in a different way, showing each other what we could do that would come in use in fights, however, I will not disclose the details of that yet. When it came time for dinner, we were led to a rather huge cafeteria. The selection of food wasn't bad, but nothing compared to what you would dine on. A small conflict happened amongst some of the other groups, some man rather angered by the presence of convicts, but it was resolved before anything truly happened.

After dinner, my team went off to do our separate activities, mine being the writing of this letter, and Huke went off the do prayers. I'm not too sure where everyone else went off to. Regardless, that is how the day went, hopefully that disclosure is enough to sate your curiosity. I will write to you again before the tournament.


Melloace ValiantVII

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