Piercing the Spellstorm

The outside is so... strange

It is an interesting world outside the manor. The road to this city was beautiful so many sights to see and things to do. The city itself is rather confusing random dead ends and such… I'm surprised that I even made it all the way to the compound where everyone was gathering. A girl like me could get very lost in a town like this. Once at the compound I just followed some people in and found my way to where groups were decided. Apparently we have to do some test to even be able to go on the other side. I was hoping this would have been much easier than that oh well. The group I'm paired with is…something… an elf with some sort of chirping creature she seems to have a similar up bringing as me; Two halfings I think they are called… or is it gnomes? well either way they are rather eccentric and one has a thing for the little chirping creature. The last is a human male, he seems to carry himself well enough.

Our first test to see if we could work as a team to get through an obstacle course which seemed like it would be pretty easy…except for the eccentric halfing wanting to show off, not sure why but he and the other one decided it would be a good idea to race through a field of archers firing paint arrows. eventually we made it through the trial and were sent to class. class was more of an orientation than an actual class. Fancy room though… can summon into existence target dummies to train on. The archer halfing asked to see what i could do so i decided to put a lovely charm spell on him and make him sit. HE FELL FOR IT HAHAHAHAHA. It was great. I don't very much remember the rest of the day other than the fact that I went for a walk in the flower garden outside and saw the elf and her creature again.


Melloace viperkusy

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