Merdoc Lightfoot

Swashbuckler- halfling


Halfling Inspired blade

Str- 10
Dex- 17
Con- 12
Int- 14
Wis- 11
Cha- 18

HP- 40
AC- 24

Initiative- 5
Fortitude- 4
Reflex- 9
Will- 3

Lev-1 Deadly Agility
Lev-3 Dodge
Lev-4 Weapon Specialization
Lev-5 Mobility
(class)- Improved critical
(Class)- Weapon Finesse
(Class)- Weapon Focus

Signature Moves



The story of Merdoc LightFoot begins in the small quite Port town of Kaverhill with the population almost entirely made up of hobbits, and as days went by he always found his life to be rather boring and he always had a desire for adventure and thrill that this small town just couldn’t give. so one day as he was helping at the harbor to load a trade ship with supplies he loaded an extra empty barrel and hid inside to stow away as he wasn’t actually old enough to join a crew of sailors, the crew found him 3 days later after they had set off and they where furious to say the least but it was a little too late to turn back. at a loss of what to do with little Merdoc, they put him to work cleaning the stalls, helping the cook, cleaning the deck. several months passed by and he got to know Captain Logan in this time, one night during a big storm the ship was tossing all over the place and a few of the crew was lost to the sea, with a month still to go till they get to there destination and missing 3 deck hands Captain Logan decided to let Merdoc help the deck hands and he proved to be a useful addition when they got to the town of Lamera captain Logan offered Merdoc an official job on the ship since he had no where to go in this new town and he proved capable in the travel, to which murdoc accepted immediately. Sailing around for many years delivering trades to towns all over, fighting through storms and a close pirate encounter Merdoc found the adventuring life he had been looking for, or atleast he thought he sailed with Captain Logan for many years untill he decided he needed a new adventure one where he could go where no one has gone before, one where he could find riches and fame and the thrill of a fight.

Merdoc Lightfoot

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